ROBAR Civil provides support to the transportation infrastructure sector and helps to meet the growing demand on the roads network. Tunnels increase the utilisation of underground spaces and provide the efficient and robust connections needed to move people and resources across the vast Australian landscape.

Our tunnelling service includes the design and construction of underground spaces. We have a depth of Australian and International experience within our teams which makes us well positioned to provide routine tunnel design services, in addition, we are able to handle projects from concept to client handover.

Our Tunnelling Capabilities
We understand the complexities of tunnel design and construction and offer inclusive services throughout the tunnelling project lifecycle, from design to completion. Our complete turnkey service includes the following:

• Feasibility and design studies.
• Constructability.
• Contracts and construction.
• TBM installation including technical and logistical planning preparatory work.

Our tunnelling service for the transportation tunnelling segment seek to deliver traffic flow improvements while minimising environmental impact. We have a vision that supports our expertise, skill and industry experience which sets us apart from other civil engineering firms offering tunnelling services.

Call ROBAR Civil today to discuss your tunnelling requirements. We design and construct our solutions to offer sustainability benefits while being innovative and pushing the boundaries. Call us on 0426 260 392 or 0404 374 706 or fill in our contact form to find out how we can work together on your project.





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