The health and safety of our people is our priority!

Robar Civil Pty Ltd has established health and safety procedures and practices intended to ensure the health and safety of each worker, contractor and visitor to our work sites in which Robar Civil operates.

The Management of ROBAR Civil will do everything reasonably practicable to ensure our people undertake work in a safe manner. Our employees and contractors play a crucial role in assisting us with achieving a safe workplace, and all of our people are accountable for safety in the workplace.

The objective of our Safety Policy is to ensure that:

  • We comply and demonstrate applicable compliance with ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management);
  • We ensure adequate hazard and risk management processes are applied across our business, and that we achieve a reduction of hazards to reduce health and safety risk;
  • We provide consultation and communication across our workforce, and we openly communicate about workplace health & safety issues; and
  • We are always striving to continuously improve our Integrated Management System to deliver best practice health and safety outcomes to our people, our clients and other stakeholders.

Visible leadership is essential for effective implementation of our Workplace Health and Safety program to systematically manage risks, opportunities and impacts.

Everyone at Robar Civil is accountable for Health and Safety.

It is Robar Civils aim to ensure that:

  • Employees, contractors, and visitors are provided with a working environment that, as far as reasonably practicable, minimises the risk of work-related injury and illness,
  • The public and other stakeholders are not exposed to unacceptable risks as a consequence of our workplace activities and conduct.


Download a copy of our Safety Policy by clicking the link below