Our goal is to create a sustainable society in which construction improves the lives of the communities we work in. Sustainable construction practice is the responsibility of us all, as individuals and businesses. At ROBAR Civil, we have enshrined environmental management in all our projects. We understand construction projects have a massive impact on the physical environment by their nature. This is why we are committed to ensuring every project we work on follows strict environmental guidelines.

Our belief is that environmental management should be built into each project, whether it’s a bridge upgrade or a racecourse construction. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the environmental impact of construction projects is minimal. Buildings and the built environment have a long lifespan which makes it essential their construction and operation does not take its toll on the environment.

The goals of our environmental management policy are:

• To create robust environmental management plan for every project with a set of measurable goals which help us determine whether we are on the right path.
• To make sustainability an integral part of every project we undertake.
• To minimise the environmental impact of the construction phase of the project.
• To create an environmentally aware workforce and cultivate sustainability throughout our supply chain.





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